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Weirdos undercover

Actualizată în: 21 feb.

Another day, another complaint.

I’m back with an update regarding my friends, ‘The Groovy Bastards’ - more like ‘The Weirdo Supper Annoying Bastards’. What’s up with that name!?

Being humble is a virtue and them calling themselves ‘groovy’? Yikes, I don’t think so 😂😂😂.

Never mind, I have a crucial question. Have you ever checked their personal Instagram profiles? Well, I did and everything’s A MESS!

I will start with the singer, hmmm, what’s her name? Ah, Ioana. What can I say? She is a weirdo cat lady. I mean, cooome on. Her insta stories are only memes and photos of cats. Bleaaah. She is just annoying and rude. She tries to look scary, but I bet she is afraid of her shadow. I cannot stand her.

Moving to Andrei. The weird laughing guy. Omggg, have you ever heard him laugh? It’s like the Joker meets some kind of mouse squeak. I love that he tries to act like a guitar god, tough and whatnot, but he’s a softie🫣

Also, guitar lessons… boring!

Theo, oh, Theo. Our sweet, sweet, drummer boy. That guy looks like he fell from the moon. His insta profile is full of him traveling in random places. I bet he is trying to fill up a hole in his sad, sad, little heart. Pathetic! And that mustache, ugh, SHAVE IT!

And the last one, Serban. Classic nerd guy. I bet he wanted to be a guitar player but failed miserably and ended up playing the bass. Also, why do you need so many sound effects and pedals!? Please, stop. Maybe you should stick to playing the banjo.

Enough for this one. I will keep you posted on this joke of a band.

Don’t forget to STOP being groovy because I HATE ‘EM.

Kisses and hisses,


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