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Freak Show FOR REAL

Actualizată în: 21 feb.

I have a guilty pleasure!

My friends, The Groovy Bastards (bleah!).

More like The GRAVY Bastards. They should change their name to this one and start a cooking show because I bet their cooking skills are better than their music ones.

Have you seen their latest clip? What’s up with that one?

They got one thing right. The name of the song - ‘FREAK SHOW’. The entire music video is soooo confusing. I don’t get it. And the make-up!? What are they trying to do?

They look like a low-budget version of Harley Queen, a clown (more like the one from Mc Donalds), a beast tamer (that maybe tries to tame the demons in their delusional mind), and a mime. The mime part is just too sad. He looks like he woke up, listened too much to their music, and then turned as pale as a ghost😂😂😂. Yep - re, mi, fa, sol, pa-the-tic.

I remember the most important part - THE NAKED DUDES. What’s the point of that? And the green suit man… The level of cringiness is too high.

Ugh, I need to take a break from thinking about this. Maybe I should listen to some real music and clear my mind.


Coming soon with another update!😈

PS: You can view their music video here:

Kisses and hisses,


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