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Superstar wannabes🤢

Actualizată în: 17 feb.

I hate it when people can’t see past the end of their noses.

Last weekend I went to a concert in Sibiu. While waking, I saw a poster of a show happening that night. It seemed pretty cool and I was in the mood for some kind of entertainment.

A band called ‘The Groovy Bastards’ (ofc, a no-name band) was the headliner for the show and I decided I should go and check them out. I was so excited and full of life to see them perform.

The sound was okayish and their look was interesting - even though the drummer had a creepy mustache. I decided to go and ask for a photo with them BUUUUUUT (hear me out): the singer walked past me while smoking a cigarette!!! She was so arrogant. OMG, THE AMOUNT OF RUDENESS. I still cannot believe it. Afterward, I tried to say hi to the guitarist and maybe chat a bit. He responded but immediately went to the bass player and started laughing.

Is this how you treat your fans!? People come to your concert and you just ignore them?

After I went home I decided to look at their insta profile. They don’t even have that many followers. Ughhhh!!!

With this kind of attitude, you’ll end up nowhere!!! 😡😡😡

Kisses and hisses,


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