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Hello, cupcakes!

This is the 'ALL ABOUT ME' page. 

My Story

   I am Mary and you being here means I am one step closer to my goal! I will take you along with me in this crazy race toward fame.

   I was born a free spirit and even though there are too many people trying to bring me down I will teach everyone the most important lesson: Don't mess with Mary!

   I have started this blog to unmask society, but most importantly to have my voice and my side of the story heard in the mess that is The Groovy Bastards.

   I am not much of a journalist, but I like to think about myself as a trendsetter, so I have done my part in understanding this 'Freak Show' of a band.

   Firstly, WTF is with that time gap in terms of existing?! They keep claiming they're a band since 2015, however, they must've been asleep for half of that time, because something doesn't add up. People who have been loyal to them since the beginning had to wait for almost 4 years for a new single and how long for an album??? Yeah, about 8 years so far because it still doesn't exist.

   Anyhow, I'm getting ahead of myself, as the title suggests this post should be 'ALL ABOUT ME'. Ughhh... SEE?! This is the burden I have to live with, even when it is supposed to be all about me, it is not really. They always interfere.. NVM. I'm mad now. I'll tell you more later.

Kisses and hisses,


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